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- The more you know about you, the better you take better decision.
- Digital transformation, defined as the integration of new technologies in any process or activity of an organization, leverages optimization and adds value across your company.
- With historical data, you can easily build reports on old decision to identify trends and stop problems before they start.

Who is Ichraf Data

We’re on a mission to build intuitive, anticipatory technology into one of the most important time in our history, and we transform your business into insights & strategies to communicate the right priorities to your team & customers.

Digital capabilites:

From designing and development of mobile apps to designing and development of Corresponding Back-end API .

From designing and development of Front-end to designing and development of Corresponding Back-end .


From anomaly detection to real-time data analysis, reporting to make decision and Integration of edge computing and digital twins, our expert IoT solutions will help you drive your business growth and stay ahead of the competition.

Predictive Analytics As Services:

Ichraf Data builds solutions to help you predict customer behavior and outcomes and drive your business in the proper direction, Predictive Analytics Use cases: Churn prediction, Recommendation system, Customer Segmentation, Demand Forecasting, decision intelligence.

The state of the art:

For state of the art the CI & CD on DevOps practices for faster time-to-market. Our DevOps services help you align development and operations teams. They improve code quality, introduce continuous integration and continuous delivery by using container-based virtualization Docker or kubernetes.

Our Services

What Our Agency Provides

  • The scope of knowledge and skills

    The Value Of A Company Is The Sum Of Its Experimentations, Project management strategies and infrastructures, Understanding Requirements, Decisions, and decision Intelligence with AI is a simple concept: convert your data, knowledge, analytics, BI, and/or ML into effective actions.

    Setup backlog Planning/Scopingand research Risk register Production Architecture Development Environment Document repository Allow for feedback

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